Heads, Tails, and Heart

With their second album, Dram & Go continues to perform their unique, foot-stomping blend of traditional Scottish, Irish, and American music. Featuring Micah Babinski (border pipes), Rachel Bowen (five-string fiddle), and Anton Emery (guitar and banjo), Heads, Tails, and Heart combines traditional material, original compositions, and old-time favorites like “Angeline the Baker.” The album alternates between driving sets featuring the whole band, solo tunes by each of the members, and even a little bit of banjo.

Recorded at Dead Aunt Thelma’s Studio in Portland, Oregon, Heads, Tails, and Heart brings out the acoustic voice of all the instruments and lets the joy and energy of the music shine through.
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Dram & Go

By late 2015, Dram & Go was established, having performed at numerous venues throughout the Portland area, including Robert Burns Suppers, Highland Games, and rowdy Irish pubs. The decision was made to create a preliminary recording to capture the band’s unique approach to the Celtic musical tradition. With this recording, released in January 2016, you can absorb Dram & Go’s unique love of Scottish pipes, fiddle, bouzouki, and flute; all of which combine to create an invigorating sonic experience. Includes favorites like Braes of Tullymet and Borderstomp Blues.