Dram & Go engages audiences with a fun-loving mix of Celtic and American music.

Founded in early 2014 by piper Micah Babinski, the band consists of an elite trio of musicians on pipes, fiddle and guitar. They regularly perform at pubs, festivals, and private events in the Portland metro area and beyond.

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Dram & Go played us in at our wedding & throughout the reception. Their musicianship was awesome, their stage presence was fantastic, and the selection of tunes fit the mood of the day perfectly. We requested (and they learned) one song and the rest of the selection was all down to their expertise.

We have friends and family who thought they didn’t much like the Scottish/folk/roots sound. We got nothing but compliments, some really surprised, on the band all afternoon. My favorite was “I didn’t know you could play blues on the bagpipe. That’s really neat.”

Dram & Go was an absolutely fantastic choice. The band is polite, professional, and a whole lot of fun to hang around with. We really enjoyed sharing our special day with them and are eagerly awaiting the new album. Many thanks!Aaron Fox